Golf Media aims to elevate your golf course by uniquely capturing all that it has to offer, using expertly piloted professional drones, modern editing software and a collaborative and open approach to ensure that Golf Media produces beautiful videos and stunning photos that will attract a new generation of golfers to your golf club. 

Encompassing detailed hole-fly-throughs, promotional videos and aerial photography, Golf Media will help your golf club attract new players by showcasing the contours, colours, topography and off-course facilities that otherwise only get highlighted by word of mouth. 

Using modern drone hardware, software and technology, Golf Media articulates each golf course using unique viewpoints, cinematography, graphics and stylish editing to produce a professional and polished advertisement to reward the hard work that is involved at your golf club.


Golf Media takes the promotion of golf courses to the next level, as showcased by the examples below and once golfers around the country see what Golf Media can do for your golf club, they will  want to grab their clubs and head straight for your first tee. 


Hole Fly Through Video's

There is no better way for new players to see every aspect of your golf course with Golf Media's stunning Hole Fly Through's capturing every nuance of each hole from tee to green, all from some spectacular viewpoints.

Promotional Video

A promotional marketing video is the most professional and succinct way to articulate the various outstanding attributes that your golf club has to offer, helping to attract new golfers from casual players to corporate bookings.

Golf Club Photography

The Photography of a golf course is as important today as it has ever been with quality content essential for a great online presence that is vital in attracting new players to your golf club.

Hole Fly Throughs

About... Hole Fly Throughs?

Hole Fly Throughs give a unique perspective of every golf hole from tee to green. The beautifully produced short videos, shot using creative angles and panning techniques coupled with detailed metrics of every hole ensures golfers can confidently plan every shot before they step onto the next tee.

How they benefit your Golf Club?

Hole Fly Throughs not only are great factual videos for golfers but more importantly they articulate the beautiful features and topography of every hole. These videos act as 18 separate marketing videos making prospective patrons yearn to play each and every challenging hole.

Promotional Videos

About... Promotional Videos?

The Promotional Video is a professional showreel of what makes your golf club stand out against your competitors. Produced using hours of aerial footage and seamlessly edited to give the viewer a magnificent visual snapshot of the many qualities that your Golf Club has to offer.

How they benefit your Golf Club?

The 1-2 min Promotional Video will take visitors to your online platforms and immerse themselves into a beautifully produced video giving them a WOW feeling of wanting to play your course. From casual players, new members to Corporate Bookings, the Promotional Video sells your Golf Club like nothing else


About... Golf Photography?

Aerial Golf Photography, captured using high resolution professional drones, is a fantastic way to get a unique viewpoint of the many elements that make up a stunning golf course. The essence of any golf course cannot simply be captured from standing on a fairway with a camera, you need to get up with the birds to see the natural wonderment to appreciate the 3 dimensional layout and landscape.

How they benefit your Golf Club?

Like any business looking to expand their online presence, content is key and Golf Media can provide a large catalogue of captivating content to upload and showcase to thousands of potential customers. Not only can the golf course be photographed but non-course images like the Pro Shop, Practice Facilities, Club House, Function areas and even team photos. As always Golf Media aims to Elevate Your Course.


Individual Options..

Hole Fly Through

  • Add Empty Course $1,000
  • Add Commentary $1,000
  • Add 4K Video $500

Promotional Video

  • Attract new players to your club
  • Create a Wow Factor on your website
  • Promotional Videos can be timeless


  • 300+ High Resolution Images
  • Can include non-course aspects
  • Can include staff photos

Or Alternatively....

All Inclusive Package

  • Package includes Hole Fly Through, Promotional Video and Photography
  • Package includes Empty Course, Audio Commentary and 4K Video
  • All videos and photos to be taken during optimal weather and lighting conditions
  • Package includes 300+ Photos of Golf Course and Golf Club
  • Package is for an 18 hole Golf Course
Prices are for 18 holes and are an approximate guide only. Some further expenses may need to be factored into each quote.

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